ALPHA Canine Sanctuary
P.O. Box 5517, Bakersfield, CA 93388
(661) 391-8212


ALPHA Canine Sanctuary is a no-kill haven for homeless dogs. The 20 acre ranch, which opened in 1995, is nestled in the foothills above Bakersfield.

Caretakers live on site. They and several employees provide full-time care for the dogs. ALPHA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation and is supported entirely by donations from animal lovers.

ALPHA's basic programs are:
¡ª Rescue
¡ª Adoptions
¡ª Care for life

ALPHA's auxiliary programs include:
¡ª ALIVE spay/neuter assistance
¡ª Free ID tags
¡ª Free transportation for citizen's pets to the vet or groomer
¡ª More programs are in development

Numerous opportunities are available for community service by both individuals and groups.

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