Best Training Tips for Dogs

When you have brought a new puppy in your house, the first thing that you need to consider is training. This is the reason it is often said that training should begin as soon as possible. However, during this procedure, you have to be extra careful.

So here, we have a few tips for you that will help you train your dog in the best possible way.

Name the dog

The first step is that you must give a proper name to your puppy that he can get used to. Make sure that the name you select is short. As during the training process, it will allow you to easily call the puppy or forbid him from doing something wrong.

Make sure that your dog loves the name you have selected as well. He should consider his name similar to the things he loves because only then it will work for both of you. Pay respect to the name of your puppy because only then he will like it and know that whenever you pronounce it he is being called.


The next thing before making the dog enter your home makes some rules are regulations like:

  • What are the furniture in your home that the dog can get on
  • Will he be allowed on the bed
  • Where he will eat or would you like him to eat with you on the table
  • What are the limitations in the house

You have to decide the rules as soon as possible because it will be beneficial for you when you are training the puppy.

The personal den

It is one of the most important necessities when you are training your dog. As it will allow him to have some alone time and it will be his training as well to leave you alone when you do not like him near you. This will also allow you to keep the house clean and the dog will be trained as well to sleep in his personal space so that you will not have to deal with him on your bed if you do not prefer it.


In the training procedure, treats are the main things that get the puppy working. You have to make sure that when you are training the puppy you are rewarding him with treats. Make sure that he is paying attention. As it will make him learn quickly. The moment you feel like he is losing attention stop the training process.

On the accomplishment of every task reward, him with something he loves. In case he is unable to learn something do not get harsh and try slow.

So now, it is the time that you train your puppy in the best possible way. The kinder you will act the more quickly the puppy will learn and will be your friend quickly. You have to be extra careful that the puppy does not get aggressive with the training session.

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