How smart is a dog compared to a human

By noticing the tricks that a dog can do and his ability to recognize things only by the smell we often think that they are intelligent. This is the reason that most of you might things that dog has a higher level of IQ than humans.

So in order to check this out, a few tests were conducted. So let us have a look that is a dog smarter than human.

Socializing and maths

In the case of maths, dogs have the same brain as that of the 2-year-old human. It means that they are able to recognize numbers and some of them might be able to identify the simplest of the addition problems. It means that at some points they can beat the 3-year-old human.

When compared based on the social life. It was noticed that they have the same issues like the teenagers of the humans. Mostly they like to be with the strongest in the pack. They have the clear understanding that which dog is sleeping with which bitch and make their links on this basis.

There were several studies done on this basis and it was concluded that some of the dogs also have the ability to understand arithmetics and they performed well on the math tests.

The emotional test

When the dogs were tested on the emotional basis it was g=found that they have no higher intelligence than the toddlers of the humans. They are aware of the emotions like:

  • Anger
  • Happiness
  • Disgust
  • Hate

However, they are unable to consider guilt and other emotions of the higher level. It was noticed that they could easily recognize the things that they like the most, as well as they can ignore the stuff they do not like.

Humans are smarter

In the same, way when they were tested based on the reward it was found that they are unaware of inequality. When two dogs were given a different treat on some activity both of, them were happy. However, when one was awarded and the other was not. The other dog ceased to perform the task and displayed the emotions of being angry.

So we can say that a dog might be more intelligent than the human toddler but it is no way a match for the proper grown up human brain. This means that there are special senses in the dog that are stronger than the humans that make them hear and smell more. However, based on these senses we cannot say that dogs are smarter than the humans.

Apart from that, we also have to consider the fact that there are many emotions that are felt by the human generation and these emotions might be unknown and alien o your puppy. So that you can never compare a human brain with that of the dog because at the end humans will always stay smarter than the animals because they have been created that way.

How do you train a dog to sit?

Sitting is one of the simplest and the first command that you have to teach your dog. As only, if your puppy knows how to sit he will appear to be disciplined in front of your guests. You might be wondering that how you can get this process started.

So first, you have to understand the mood of your puppy and according to it train your dog. Here are a few tips that will help you train your dog in the best possible way.


The first thing that you have to do is grab the attention of your puppy. It is essential because it will let you know that your dog is ready to learn something new. As well as you can determine his excitement and it will be easier for you to train him.


The second most important thing is that you show him his favorite treat. The size might be small but the dog will remain attentive to what you are showing him because he will know that if he does well he will be rewarded. This is the trigger enough for your puppy to get trained.


Sit command

Now begin the training process. The steps that you need to take are:

  • Take your hand over the eyes of your puppy
  • Keep them at the distance of at least 2 inches
  • Now say sit
  • When your puppy will see the treat it will be his natural reaction to sit

You have to make sure that you hand it at the perfect height. In case it is too high the puppy will automatically jump to grab the reward and in case it is extra low the puppy will not sit.


When the puppy sits whether it is on command or natural you must reward him with the treat in your hand. Apart from that, say that he is a very good dog. This will enhance the confidence of your puppy. The next thing is that you say sit. In most of the cases, the dog will recognize the command and act. Reward him again.

In case he does not respond all you have to do is push him slightly into the sitting position. Now you have to count to five by keeping your dog in the same position and at the end do not forget to reward him with a treat.


Make your dog repeat this procedure daily. With the passage of time, enhance the duration and the repetitions of the training. The more practice your do will do the more quickly he will be trained.

One thing you have to keep in mind is that all dogs are not able to perform at the same rate. So your puppy might take a little longer than your friend’s dog. You have to be patience. As getting harsh might get your dog aggressive and he will refuse to ever get trained from you.

How smart is your dog?

Have you have noticed that some dogs are so intelligent that they can solve some of the mathematical problems, recognize the drugs, manage the herd of sheep and rescue people. However, for some dogs, it might be hard to learn the commands of stand and sit.

So it is the time that you find out how smart is your dog. Here we have some of the tests that will help you determine.

Towel test

In this test, you have to take a big blanket or a towel and adjust it on the head of your dog. In case your dog can be free from the piece of cloth in 15 seconds or less, reward 3 points. Time is between 15 to 30 seconds the give 2 points and in the case of 30 seconds or more then 1 points will be rewarded.

Bucket test

In this test take three different buckets and place his favorite treat or toy inside one of the buckets. Now show your puppy under the bucket that has the item. Take the dog for a stroll and then allow him to find that item. According to the attempts that have been taken by your puppy reward him points. Like success in

  • The first attempt give 3 points
  • 2 attempts than 2 points
  • In 3 attempts reward point 1

Loved spot

It is an interesting test in which you have to change the arrangement of the furniture of your room when your dog is out. Notice his reaction when he comes back in the room. You have to notice the time in which he is able to locate his most loved spot and reward him points according to that. The immediate reaction leads to 3 points, a time of 30 seconds means 2 points and if he selects a new spot then it would be a single score.

Puzzle with chair

In this puzzle, you have to hide a treat inside the chair at such a location where your puppy can only use its paw to get the treat. Now notice the time that it takes for the dog to figure out how to get that item. Give him score according to the success rate.

Go out for walk

Select a time in your day when you do not take your dog out for a walk. All you have to do is pick up the keys and the leash. In case he gets excited and understand the hint, give him 3 points. In case it takes the time to go and open the door when your dog understand what is going to happen to reward him with 2 points and in case he is only confused the score is 1.

These tests will not only be fun but also an amazing experience for your puppy as well. Add the points and then check on the scale the performance of your dog. It will help you get the idea how smart is your dog and thus, you can train him accordingly.

Best Training Tips for Dogs

When you have brought a new puppy in your house, the first thing that you need to consider is training. This is the reason it is often said that training should begin as soon as possible. However, during this procedure, you have to be extra careful.

So here, we have a few tips for you that will help you train your dog in the best possible way.

Name the dog

The first step is that you must give a proper name to your puppy that he can get used to. Make sure that the name you select is short. As during the training process, it will allow you to easily call the puppy or forbid him from doing something wrong.

Make sure that your dog loves the name you have selected as well. He should consider his name similar to the things he loves because only then it will work for both of you. Pay respect to the name of your puppy because only then he will like it and know that whenever you pronounce it he is being called.


The next thing before making the dog enter your home makes some rules are regulations like:

  • What are the furniture in your home that the dog can get on
  • Will he be allowed on the bed
  • Where he will eat or would you like him to eat with you on the table
  • What are the limitations in the house

You have to decide the rules as soon as possible because it will be beneficial for you when you are training the puppy.

The personal den

It is one of the most important necessities when you are training your dog. As it will allow him to have some alone time and it will be his training as well to leave you alone when you do not like him near you. This will also allow you to keep the house clean and the dog will be trained as well to sleep in his personal space so that you will not have to deal with him on your bed if you do not prefer it.


In the training procedure, treats are the main things that get the puppy working. You have to make sure that when you are training the puppy you are rewarding him with treats. Make sure that he is paying attention. As it will make him learn quickly. The moment you feel like he is losing attention stop the training process.

On the accomplishment of every task reward, him with something he loves. In case he is unable to learn something do not get harsh and try slow.

So now, it is the time that you train your puppy in the best possible way. The kinder you will act the more quickly the puppy will learn and will be your friend quickly. You have to be extra careful that the puppy does not get aggressive with the training session.

Top Reasons to Adopt a Dog

Everyone loves to keep a pet in his or her homes. As they give them the sensation of being cared for. Apart from that, their love turns them into the member of the family. In case, you have recently decided to get a puppy. We would advise you to adopt one instead of buying one.

So do not be surprised because here are some of the compelling causes that you must know.



We are aware that the recycling is the major cause that is preventing our atmosphere from being destroyed. So think of adopting a dog as a noble type of recycling. You can visit the shelter and get the dog you are most attracted towards.

Reduce homeless dogs

It is a reality that the number of homeless dogs is increasing on the streets.

  • However, there is no space in the shelters as well.
  • So in order to control this quantity and to make space for more dogs many of the puppies are killed every year in the shelters.
  • Adopting a homeless dog will allow you to get rid of this cruelty.
  • You can stop the savage killing of the poor animals. As well as a puppy will find a new home and you will play a part in the reduction of homeless dogs.


We all know in our hearts that adopting a puppy is the best thing that we can do. This is the reason that to make the public aware of the task many of the celebrities are doing this noble deed. So in case you have adopted a puppy, you will also be considered as a star. Might not to the people but to that poor animal, you will be always its superstar.

Unconditional love

The puppy that you have adopted from the shelter will provide you with more love than the one that you have brought. The reason behind it is that he has undergone the hardships of the life. So when you will provide him with healthy and fresh food and comfortable bed to sleep on. He will appreciate every bit of deed that you are doing for the dog. Thus, he will provide you the love that you might have to expected as well as he might give his life to protect you when you are in danger.


When you adopt the poor animal instead of buying one, it shows that you have a pure heart. It will convey the feeling of you being better than many other people around. Apart from that, you will be able to enjoy the best sensations of the inner peace because you have helped a poor being.

So it’s time that you show the loving human that you have hidden somewhere inside of you. It is time to invest in the right thing and adopt the puppy from your nearest shelter. Advise your friends as well to do this noble deed. As you might be everything to that animal.