How smart is your dog?

Have you have noticed that some dogs are so intelligent that they can solve some of the mathematical problems, recognize the drugs, manage the herd of sheep and rescue people. However, for some dogs, it might be hard to learn the commands of stand and sit.

So it is the time that you find out how smart is your dog. Here we have some of the tests that will help you determine.

Towel test

In this test, you have to take a big blanket or a towel and adjust it on the head of your dog. In case your dog can be free from the piece of cloth in 15 seconds or less, reward 3 points. Time is between 15 to 30 seconds the give 2 points and in the case of 30 seconds or more then 1 points will be rewarded.

Bucket test

In this test take three different buckets and place his favorite treat or toy inside one of the buckets. Now show your puppy under the bucket that has the item. Take the dog for a stroll and then allow him to find that item. According to the attempts that have been taken by your puppy reward him points. Like success in

  • The first attempt give 3 points
  • 2 attempts than 2 points
  • In 3 attempts reward point 1

Loved spot

It is an interesting test in which you have to change the arrangement of the furniture of your room when your dog is out. Notice his reaction when he comes back in the room. You have to notice the time in which he is able to locate his most loved spot and reward him points according to that. The immediate reaction leads to 3 points, a time of 30 seconds means 2 points and if he selects a new spot then it would be a single score.

Puzzle with chair

In this puzzle, you have to hide a treat inside the chair at such a location where your puppy can only use its paw to get the treat. Now notice the time that it takes for the dog to figure out how to get that item. Give him score according to the success rate.

Go out for walk

Select a time in your day when you do not take your dog out for a walk. All you have to do is pick up the keys and the leash. In case he gets excited and understand the hint, give him 3 points. In case it takes the time to go and open the door when your dog understand what is going to happen to reward him with 2 points and in case he is only confused the score is 1.

These tests will not only be fun but also an amazing experience for your puppy as well. Add the points and then check on the scale the performance of your dog. It will help you get the idea how smart is your dog and thus, you can train him accordingly.

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