How smart is a dog compared to a human

By noticing the tricks that a dog can do and his ability to recognize things only by the smell we often think that they are intelligent. This is the reason that most of you might things that dog has a higher level of IQ than humans.

So in order to check this out, a few tests were conducted. So let us have a look that is a dog smarter than human.

Socializing and maths

In the case of maths, dogs have the same brain as that of the 2-year-old human. It means that they are able to recognize numbers and some of them might be able to identify the simplest of the addition problems. It means that at some points they can beat the 3-year-old human.

When compared based on the social life. It was noticed that they have the same issues like the teenagers of the humans. Mostly they like to be with the strongest in the pack. They have the clear understanding that which dog is sleeping with which bitch and make their links on this basis.

There were several studies done on this basis and it was concluded that some of the dogs also have the ability to understand arithmetics and they performed well on the math tests.

The emotional test

When the dogs were tested on the emotional basis it was g=found that they have no higher intelligence than the toddlers of the humans. They are aware of the emotions like:

  • Anger
  • Happiness
  • Disgust
  • Hate

However, they are unable to consider guilt and other emotions of the higher level. It was noticed that they could easily recognize the things that they like the most, as well as they can ignore the stuff they do not like.

Humans are smarter

In the same, way when they were tested based on the reward it was found that they are unaware of inequality. When two dogs were given a different treat on some activity both of, them were happy. However, when one was awarded and the other was not. The other dog ceased to perform the task and displayed the emotions of being angry.

So we can say that a dog might be more intelligent than the human toddler but it is no way a match for the proper grown up human brain. This means that there are special senses in the dog that are stronger than the humans that make them hear and smell more. However, based on these senses we cannot say that dogs are smarter than the humans.

Apart from that, we also have to consider the fact that there are many emotions that are felt by the human generation and these emotions might be unknown and alien o your puppy. So that you can never compare a human brain with that of the dog because at the end humans will always stay smarter than the animals because they have been created that way.

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