How do you train a dog to sit?

Sitting is one of the simplest and the first command that you have to teach your dog. As only, if your puppy knows how to sit he will appear to be disciplined in front of your guests. You might be wondering that how you can get this process started.

So first, you have to understand the mood of your puppy and according to it train your dog. Here are a few tips that will help you train your dog in the best possible way.


The first thing that you have to do is grab the attention of your puppy. It is essential because it will let you know that your dog is ready to learn something new. As well as you can determine his excitement and it will be easier for you to train him.


The second most important thing is that you show him his favorite treat. The size might be small but the dog will remain attentive to what you are showing him because he will know that if he does well he will be rewarded. This is the trigger enough for your puppy to get trained.


Sit command

Now begin the training process. The steps that you need to take are:

  • Take your hand over the eyes of your puppy
  • Keep them at the distance of at least 2 inches
  • Now say sit
  • When your puppy will see the treat it will be his natural reaction to sit

You have to make sure that you hand it at the perfect height. In case it is too high the puppy will automatically jump to grab the reward and in case it is extra low the puppy will not sit.


When the puppy sits whether it is on command or natural you must reward him with the treat in your hand. Apart from that, say that he is a very good dog. This will enhance the confidence of your puppy. The next thing is that you say sit. In most of the cases, the dog will recognize the command and act. Reward him again.

In case he does not respond all you have to do is push him slightly into the sitting position. Now you have to count to five by keeping your dog in the same position and at the end do not forget to reward him with a treat.


Make your dog repeat this procedure daily. With the passage of time, enhance the duration and the repetitions of the training. The more practice your do will do the more quickly he will be trained.

One thing you have to keep in mind is that all dogs are not able to perform at the same rate. So your puppy might take a little longer than your friend’s dog. You have to be patience. As getting harsh might get your dog aggressive and he will refuse to ever get trained from you.

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